How Uniting Wisdom Is Helping San Antonio Thrive

Image showing person registering to vote

Uniting America Through Wisdom aims to see a better tomorrow for San Antonio, and we take action to that effect -- from toy drives to meeting with city leaders.

Uniting Wisdom started in 2016 with the aim of assisting homeless youth and adults. We put on toy drives and charity events to help build up the underserved communities. We continue this work today, taking kids on camping trips and holding workshops on topics like work ethic.

These community services are still at the core of our organization, but our initiatives have expanded to focus on elevating people of color in the community. In 2017, Uniting Wisdom led efforts to remove a confederate monument from the city’s Travis park.

In 2020, in the wake of unjust killings of Black people, we’ve asked the city to commit to 10 steps toward peace and justice. These steps include common-sense provisions, like an end to most no-knock warrants and zero tolerance policy among local police and correctional officers. They also push for initiatives to improve the future of policing in the city, like vetting new police recruits for racist ideology and an open dialogue between police officials and citizens.

Our volunteers meet with city leaders to discuss ways to implement our goals. Many of them have been put in place or are being considered. As important as it is to have conversations with the mayor, police chief and other officials, we aim to leave each of those meetings with actionable steps forward.

Uniting Wisdom facilitates safe protesting, in accordance with social distancing guidelines and best practices to keep making our voices heard without risking the spread of COVID-19.

How you can help

To see the city prosper, we need your help. Here are three things you can do to aid Uniting Wisdom in our goals right now.

  1. Volunteer. We’re always looking for passionate volunteers to help mentor, manage our website and social media channels, register voters and more. Fill out this form and let us know in the comments how you’d like to help.

  2. Donate. Your donations help us keep protests safe, pay for our operational costs and help our volunteers keep up their hard work. Anything you can contribute helps us fight racism and improve policing in San Antonio.

  3. Register to vote. We can only take change so far within the city limits. Register today to participate in city, county, state and national elections. Every time you vote, your voice gets a little louder.

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