What is Uniting Wisdom?

We believe that through education and experience we can unite San Antonio, Texas. Through wisdom we can understand and embrace our cultural differences and bridge the economic divides we see throughout our communities.

Uniting Wisdom is currently mentoring young people as part of its program. Our organization works to feed homeless youth and provide resources and assistance. When appropriate, we reunite, strengthen and sometimes rebuild families. We believe that we grow through new experiences, like taking city kids camping or participating in work ethic workshops. Lastly, our community-giving initiative organizes a yearly back-to-school drive and Christmas Drive.

Over the past years and months, we've worked in the San Antonio community to do our part to improve the lives of all. In the wake of George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Philando Castile, Breonna Taylor and sadly many more, we face growing unrest in our neighborhoods.

Uniting through wisdom takes action.

Our Vision

We believe in justice and equality for everyone.

Our goal is to support homeless youth while fighting police brutality, racial discrimination , social injustice, and economic inequality in San Antonio, Texas.

Our History

The organization started in 2016. We began by assisting homeless youth and adults with back-to-school and Christmas toy drives for the community.

In 2017 we played a pivotal role in removal of a Confederate monument in a downtown San Antonio Park.

In 2020 our organization spoke out against police brutality and marched in the streets to remind us all that Black Lives Matter. Uniting Wisdom is currently urging San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg to prioritize a civilian independent review board to monitor and discipline police who break SAPD training and policy.

As we continue to grow our passion for helping people drives us to support our community through action.

Petition for Peace and Justice

We the people, the citizens of San Antonio, Texas, petition the City of San Antonio to review and accept the following reformations and put them into effect immediately so the peace in San Antonio may be restored as soon as possible, and we can began to heal the bitter divides in our great city. The following is a list of the reforms:

  1. We the people ask that a zero-tolerance policy be issued on racism and discrimination in all police departments, jails and courthouses.

  2. We the people ask that a civilian independent review board be formed with complete access to police complaints, and power to issue disciplinary actions against violators.

  3. We the people ask that all officers involved in the unarmed killing of civilians that are deemed unjustified be terminated immediately from duty, without pay, legal representation at taxpayer's expense, and lose their police pension pay.

  4. We the people ask that the rules of engagement be revised for clarity and issued to the police departments with a zero-tolerance policy for violators.

  5. We the people ask that a minimum of $250,000 be payed to the family of any unarmed civilian that is killed unlawfully by any police officer.

  6. We the people ask an end to no-knock warrants, except in special circumstances, like when lives are in danger.

  7. We the people ask for a more diverse police force that accurately represents the community they intend to patrol and protect.

  8. We the people ask the city create a website devoted to 100% transparency on all police brutality, and police complaints of any kind.

  9. We the people ask that all current and future recruits be vetted and polygraphed for racist ideology and discrimination.

  10. We the people ask that a forum be organized, so that once a month citizens and police can have an ongoing dialogue exploring ways to better serve all communities.

We're looking for your support. Please contact us today to learn how you can make a difference in your community.